Merging the gap between footwear brands and blockchain technology.

Our team brings digitally native, highly innovative, and unique footwear brands to market with physical products and soon to be released digital collectible NFT’s, gaming assets, and a groundbreaking marketplace for the fashion world. Bridging our brands with blockchain technology not only guarantees unique digital and physical assets to the consumer, but to the creators as well - which we believe is a first within the footwear industry.

Arc Footwear’s management team led our first brand together in 2017, SNKR Project, which grew to $3.5M in lifetime sales since 2017. In October 2020, Arc Footwear, Corp. received the global license for SNKR Project.

We’ve already grown our first brand, SNKR Project, to $3.5M in lifetime sales. We believe with this track record, our next two planned brands will follow similar trajectories.

A Platform to Accelerate Brand Growth

SNKR WARS - Digital Collectible NFT’s

Hyper-Targeted Audiences

We're leveraging our pipeline and soon blockchain to build shoe brands

Arc Footwear, Corp. introduces the future of the footwear industry that will allow brands to define and use their digital identity through NFT’s, gaming assets, and a fashion metaverse, to engage customers and drive growth. We believe we will be the first footwear company to offer our footwear creators smart contracts where they can authenticate their designs and earn a commission on all sales of the physical product, indefinitely - even if one chooses to start future employment at another footwear company - you still deserve to earn for the work you have created and authenticated. 

More Reasons To Invest

Our first brand SNKR Project has grown its reach tremendously with placement in 270+ stores US-wide including Bloomingdales, Dr. Jays, and City Gear, averaging an online customer review of 4.85/5 stars.

World-class crypto-enthusiasts Joel Comm and Travis Wright will serve as Strategic Advisors lending their expertise on all blockchain related strategies and development.Arc Footwear anticipates launching: SNKR Wars digital tradable product backed NFT card packs, SNKR Tokens, SNKR Wars digital game, and Groundbreaking DeFi NFT fashion metaverse, all on track for release within 2021 through 2022.

A team of veteran designers, engineers, and marketers have already successfully built 1 defined brand and have 2 more that are in the pre-launch stage.

We've mastered the art of sales based on hype, seeing 400% sales spikes for SNKR Project during product launches.